MASYAP through its project Threads Of Care tailoring project ensures Educational advancement among rural girls and boys through provision of school uniforms in Malawi. The target for the first term 2023 is to provide school uniforms to 660 learners from 4 government primary schools which are Mbayani Primary school, Chiradzulu primary school, Chikomwe primary school and Chimbeta primary school to increase school enrollment and student retention. The beneficiaries are disadvantaged rural boys and girls and orphans/vulnerable children from different schools within Malawi.

A uniform is a mandatory requirement for learners at primary schools in Malawi. Learners who cannot afford to purchase a school uniform are not able to continue their schooling as they are bullied due to the torn clothes they wear which makes them lose focus on their education. This requirement is especially difficult for learners who are orphans and vulnerable. Threads Of Care tailoring project has enabled 230 orphan and vulnerable learners stay in Mbayani primary school and receive a basic education. It provides them a chance to build a better life for themselves.

Vulnerable learners in Chiradzulu primary school, one of the poorest areas of Malawi, will be able to continue their education, the school uniform will allow them to focus on their studies while not imposing a financial hardship on their guardians.

Throughout Malawi, schools require that students wear a uniform they have purchased themselves. Learners who do not have uniforms are denied the opportunity to go to school. In Chikomwe Primary School, most families are vulnerable and many include orphans who are supported by their grandparents or guardians. For many of them, it is a huge financial burden to provide uniforms for their children. Uniforms will allow them to focus on their studies while not imposing a hardship on guardians.

Most learners from Chimbeta Primary School wear torn uniforms and shoes to school. Some are forced to ‘wash and wear’ wet uniforms because the only pair could not dry while others cannot raise their hands in class to answer questions or approach their teachers for consultation. Torn uniforms reduce students’ self-esteem and confidence, causing an increased rate of absenteeism and poor academic performance.