MASYAP is part of the Mai Aisha Trust (MAT) portfolio of programmes and MAT has housed the project and has been its main donor since 2008.

Road-To-Relief (RTR): RTR is an organisation of committed women in Malawi who actively fundraise for health, education and poverty alleviation in Malawi. They have consistently supported MASYAP from donating furniture, to co-funding the nutrition programmes, funding the orphan support packs. They have recently donated two sewing machines and fabric to stitch face masks in order to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

World Appeal

World Appeal is a Luton based charity with aim at making a difference both locally and internationally. They work with innovative and sustainable initiatives which empower communities to achieve success.

Transglobe Produce Exports (TPE) Ltd

TPE is a local commodities business that has consistently helped MASYAP in many of our nutrition based interventions.

Unleashing Potential

This is a UK-based NGO that has supported MASYAP with the technological aspects of the organisation

Luton Sixth Form College

This is a UK college that has kindly donated netball kits for the youth groups. They also donated two sewing machines and fabric for the reusable sanitary pad project.

Muslim World League

The Muslim World League is an international non-government Islamic organisation based in the Holy City of Makkah. It has assisted MASYAP with 400 food parcels as well as well packed 983 Qurbani parcels.

World Care Foundation

World Care Foundation is a grass-root, volunteer-led humanitarian UK –based charity organisation. It has assisted MASYAP with a zakat donation amounting to MK2,848,000. Members from both Women and youth support groups benefited from this donation

Steadfast Ways

This is a UK-based active company. They have helped MASYAP by reviving the youth microfinance programme by donating MK800,000. They also boosted the netball programme by donating netballs, T-shirts and Caps.