One of the biggest challenges for an organization is finding people with well-developed leadership skills. Understanding how to lead a team can make or break an organization. Being a leader means knowing how to solve problems, mediate conflicts and maintain an emotional balance. Being a Youth Club leader means more than occupying a management position. Each member of the leadership team must know how to connect with people, convey ideas and promote innovation. They are expected to display a good attitude, vision, help club members work as a team and achieve results. Team members will guide their group and ensure their safety to make decisions. All must have the ability to open paths, serve as an example, motivate, and encourage development.

After the tiring work of team work, connecting support group members, caring for the sick in their respective support groups, the youth coordinator, Fatima Hassan and some of the youth chair ladies took a breack to go out and refresh their minds. This mighty team went out on a trip to Chawe Trout Farms in Zomba District on 21/10/2023. This trip was planned last year and they started contributing until they managed to cover all transportation and food costs. The following activities were jotted down:

  • Swimming
  • Braai
  • Games
  • Girls talk

Importance of trips to youth members

  • Teaching the value of friendships
  • Mental health
  • Getting out of your comfort zone
  • Pure honesty
  • Freedom of expression
MASYAP Youth Chair Ladies’ Adventure