On Saturday 19th March MASYAP visited Mulanje, an area just outside Blantyre, to conduct HIV testing and counselling.


MC Coordinator giving a presentation
Kaamila, MASYAP’s Youth and HTC Coordinator giving a speech about HIV/AIDS


The day started with a talk about HIV, followed by a quiz to test the knowledge they had been given. Prizes such as soup, noodles, cereal and tinned fruit were given to those who answered correctly.

Man talking, counting on his fingers  A group of Malawians, mainly womne, raising their hands

The event was extremely successful, with lots of enthusiastic answers in the quiz.

As well as 41 people being tested for HIV. Even after this, there were over 40 people queuing for tests; we are already trying to find funds for a return visit.

HIV Testing and Counselling in Mulanje
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