HIV/AIDS remains a major public health problem all over the world. Youth (15–24 years) are vulnerable to HIV because of the strong influence of peer pressure and the development of their sexual and social identities which often lead to experimentation. The majority of young people in the age group (15–24 years) are at risk of HIV infection due to their engagement in unsafe sex, injection drug use, exposure to contaminated blood and blood products or unsterilized skin-piercing procedures. The young age group is the most productive segments of the population that form the basic education sector which is vital to the creation of human capital this will affect both the demand and supply of education. For these reasons, MASYAP provides HIV/AIDS Testing Services (HTS) at its premises. This will benefit a lot of people who can pass by the office as it is located at convenient place.

MASYAP also provides HTS to its members in their respective communities. HTS are unique opportunity for people to know their HIV statuses and this helps to minimize the exposure to HIV. HTS are the first step in the clinical cascade and ensuring that people living with HIV are Diagnosed and linked to Prevention, Treatment and Care.

MASYAP HTS Programme