This outreach programme was scheduled to record one of that MASYAP Corner radio programme. Present during the Village head, teachers and the support group members. The village head appreciated the great job that MASYAP women do as it contributes to the development of the community. The women take care of orphans, the sick and the elderly in their community. He added that their work brings together which helps them to share business ideas that can sustain their daily livelihood. The teacher on the other hand, commended MASYAP through the Threads Of Care Tailoring Project, for donating school uniforms to primary and secondary school students. She said that the leaners no longer miss classes as they have no reason to be sent back. ‘Before the donation, the absent rate was high as the leaners had no school uniforms and were being sent back’ she added.

This was one of the routine support groups visit aimed at following up on how the members are progressing in their daily activities such as businesses. These visits also provide a platform for the members to talk to MASYAP team about expectations and the challenges they face in their support group.

MASYAP Support Group Outreach.