MASYAP has introduced basic computer lessons to MASYAP youths and women as one way of equipping them with computer literacy knowledge. The initiative came about after noticing that most of the youths do not have the technical know-how of using mobile phones in as far as their education is concerned. This was also noted during the Covid-19 school break where most schools were teaching online where these girls failed to access their lessons. We also thought of expanding the technical training in the tailoring project because some women and girls shown interest in tailoring. Therefore, MASYAP is providing both Computer and Tailoring lessons. Both the computer and the tailoring lessons are being provided by the MASYAP team.

One of the tailoring students is Fatima Mwamadi from Bangwe support group. She is a school leaver and wishes to become a fashion designer one day.

MASYAP Introduces Computer and Tailoring Lessions For Women and Girls.