MASYAP wishes to actively and collectively join the efforts to slow the spread of HIV/AIDS by
improving knowledge, attitude and practices around sexual behavior and assist target groups
in understanding how best to look after themselves if diagnosed with the virus through use of the radio.

MASYAP aims at using radio as a tool to Civic-Educate Muslim women and youths on prevention of
HIV/AIDS and provide care to those infected by the virus and also to achieve the following:

  • To educate Muslim youths and women home-based care services such as prevention of HIV/AIDS and
    care for those infected with the virus.
  •  To sensitize the public on outreach services offered to Muslim youths and women.
  •  To create jobs among marginalized Muslim women and girls through projects such as Threads Of Care
  •  To equip Muslim women with knowledge on micro-finance services
MASYAP Introduces a Radio Programme