With help businesswoman Mrs. Mpango, MASYAP visited her home town in Balaka, in order to spread information about HIV, as well as the work that MASYAP does.

MASYAP HTC and Youth Officer giving group HIV counselling, Balaka, Malawi
Our HTC and Youth Officer giving a group counselling session

After talks by our Support Group Coordinator Marriam, and our Youth and HTC Officer Kaamila, we conducted a quiz to make sure that people had taken in the information we had provided them with. Prizes such as soap, zitenje and sugar were given to participants who answered correctly.

Receiving soap after a correct answer
Receiving soap after a correct answer

When the quiz was over, HIV testing was conducted. Over 50 people were tested, an extremely successful result, with more wanting to be tested when we left. Another place MASYAP may have to revisit in the future.

Woman answering question as part of HIV quiz, Balaka, Malawi
One of the women taking part in the quiz, answering one of the questions
HIV Testing and Counselling, Balaka
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