Due to the success of MASYAP’s visit to Mulanje in April, this month we returned to continue the work that we started last time. The day started with a talk about HIV/AIDS given by our Support Group Coordinator, who talked about the facts of the disease, and focused on the importance of knowing your status, and, if positive, taking antiretroviral treatment.

Talk on HIV/AIDS in Mulanje, Malawi
Our Support Group Coordinator giving a talk on HIV/AIDS to the women from Mulanje

Then our HTC and Youth Officer gave held a group counselling session, and encouraged people to get tested. The testing was held after this, and once again was extremely successful, with over 40 people being tested.

MASYAP's HTC Officer Conducting Couples HIV testing, Mulanje, Malawi
HTC and Youth Officer conducting HTC for a couple
HIV testing and counselling in Mulanje
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