MASYAP holds meetings with the support group char ladies twice a year. These meetings are aimed at updating chair ladies on new developments from the office, giving feedback from previous queries and following up on how support groups are progressing. The main aim was to familiarize the chair ladies from different support groups with one another, discuss contemporary issues surrounding HIV/AIDS and the general life of a girl child pertaining to the current situation.

The women’s coordinator, Lennie Kachingwe emphasized on the need for chair ladies to work together in order to achieve our target of  95% 95% 95% by 2030. It is the duty of the youth to work towards zer0 HIV/AIDS because, they are the ones who have strength and capability of raising awareness to their peers ranging from 13-24 years as they are the most affected.

The facilitator encouraged the youth to work extra hard in their studies so that they are able to read HIV/AIDS and other related topics. She also mentioned the need for education for them to become reliable citizens in future.

While sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) affect individuals of all ages, STDs take a particularly heavy toll on young people and 15-30 year olds account for half of all new STD infections said the Dorica Mchawa, a health facilitator who was invited to address the youth. She also added that the risk of getting or transmitting HIV varies widely depending on the type of exposure or behavior. Anyone can get AIDS, but some people are more vulnerable because they do not have the power to say no to unprotected sex or because of their risky lifestyles. The groups who are most vulnerable and have the highest infection rates are:

  • Young women between 15 – 30 years old
  • Migrant and mine workers
  • Transport workers
  • Sex workers
  • Drug users who use needles
  • People who practice anal sex

Therefore, the youth were encouraged to be on their best behavior and avoid conducts that may lead them into getting or transmitting HIV.

On the other hand Youth Coordinator, Fatima Hassan addressed the young chair ladies on the need to work together towards Zero HIV/AIDS among the youth by the year 2023. Young women are most vulnerable because they often powerless to say no to unprotected sex with an HIV positive partner. They are also the most common victims of rape and sexual abuse. Young girls who are virgins are also at risk because of the myth that a person can be cured of AIDS by having sex with a virgin. This is total rubbish and is just an excuse for child abuse.

MASYAP Youth Chair Ladies Meeting