In December, MASYAP joined the rest of the world in celebrating World Aids Day. World AIDS Day is celebrated on the 1st of December around the world each year. It has become one of the recognized international health days and key opportunity to raise awareness, commemorate those who have passed and celebrate the victories such as increased access to the treatment and prevention services.

As MASYAP, the event was held on December 2, 2017. The event was aimed at educating Muslim women on the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS to meet one of the core objectives of MASYAP.

There were speakers who addressed the audience and encouraged them to not to isolate those infected with HIV but rather take care of them because they may suffer from depression. They also emphasized on preventing HIV transmission to meet 90:90:90 campaign.

Some members had educative performances such as drama, poems and songs that contained information relating to the theme “LET’S END ISOLATION STIGMA AND HIV TRANSMISSION”.


Youth performances during the event
MASYAP Celebrates World Aids Day