On 10th February, 2018, MASYAP celebrated the graduation of its first class of students under the MWAYI Tailoring Apprenticeship Programme. Five young women selected through a very competitive process successfully made it through a six month tailoring course. The students have made appalling progress. The skills acquired provide several steps ahead toward starting tailoring careers for themselves. Two best students were awarded with job offers from MWAYI Enterprise-a Malawian based fashion brand that sells African print garments internationally.

The MWAYI/MASYAP collaborated apprenticeship program recruits needy young women from MASYAP HIV/AIDS Support Groups to empower them financially and intellectually. The tailoring program officially launched in May 2017. The pilot program recruited five students. MWAYI and MASYAP both work in empowerment of local women and girls both in and out of school.

The girls expressed great gratitude to both Mwayi Enterprise and Mai Aisha Sisters and Youth AIDS Program (MASYAP) for giving them the opportunity to acquire tailoring skills and be able to start own careers. The graduation was spiced up by the graduates showcasing their favorite pieces.

Skirt made by the tailoring team

Five Young Women Graduate From MWAYI Tailoring Apprenticeship Programme