Mai Aisha Sisters and Youth AIDS Programme (MASYAP) received a donation of 171 parcels from World Care Foundation. The parcels were distributed to 171 selected MASYAP most vulnerable members. Among the beneficiaries were the HIV positive members who most are widows, single mothers, the elderly and orphans. Each parcel contained 10kgs maize flour and 3kgs beans. The distribution exercise was conducted at MASYAP offices on 21st February 2020.  Beneficiaries were very grateful by the exercise and appreciated the very generous gesture by World Care Foundation.

Donations such as the World Care Foundation food packages motivate membership. It relieves some of the challenges these women have in their own households and hence making them able to do more work for their communities. It also supplements the nutrition in their meals which is particularly important especially for those that are HIV+ and are on Anti Retro-Viral Therapy treatment. A lot of appreciation goes to the World Care Foundation Team. May the almighty Allah grant your rewards in abundance.