MASYAP is inviting applicants for the post as a Head Tailor (female)

Job Title: Head Tailor (Female)
Job Description:
1. Developes design for garmet, adapts existing design for garmet or copies existing design for garmet.
2. Alters garmet and joins parts using needle and thread or sewing machine to form finished garmet.
3. Draws individual paternor alters existing pattern to fit customer’s measurements.
4. Sews buttons and buttonholes to finish garmet.
5. Presses garmet using hand iron or pressing machine.
6. Confers with customers to determine type of material and garmet style desired.
7. Positions pattern of garmet parts on fabric and cuts fabric along outlines using scissors.
8. Measures customer for size using tape measre and record measurement.
Send an email to: or or visit our office in First Floor,
Phalombe hardware, room 4, Limbe, Malawi.
Dateline for the application: 15 Nov 2021

Vacancy For The Post As Head Tailor (Female)