HIV is a Virus that causes AIDS and this virus destroys CD4 cells that fight against Diseases. MASYAP visited different woman and youth support Groups were we discussed ways of prevent  HIV as well ways in which a human can contract HIV, there are many ways of contracting HIV e.g. Having multiple sexual partners, sharing sharp objects as well tooth brushes, HTS Provider discussed ways in which an individual can prevent the contracting  of  HIV in ABC ways, [Abstain, Be faithful and Condom use] in all support Groups HTS Provider receives different questions from people especially on PMTCT [Preventing Mother to Child Transmission] for HTS we discussed all ways and stages in which a woman can prevent the  transmission of VDRL ,HIV AND HEP.B to the unborn baby or to early infant .

If a pregnant woman has been tested HIV positive the woman is advised to be on ARTs So that the unborn baby must be safe, and in 6 months the women is given Nevirapine for baby. After the baby is born is given nevirapine for 6 weeks then the exposed infant continues with CPT for 2 years. All MASYAP Women and Youth Support groups were so interested and Happy that the enjoyed all sessions.

MASYAP Support Group Outreach Programme- Women and HTS