Mai Aisha Sisters and Youth Aids Programme (MASYAP) was established in 2008 with the aim of educating Muslim women and youth on the prevention of HIV/AIDS and to provide care and support to those infected the with virus. Since then, MASYAP has become the most recognizable Muslim-led organization working in HIV/AIDS in Malawi.

Kameela and women

Muslim women with HIV/AIDS have been socially and economically marginalized due to the stigma of the disease and its debilitating effects. In view of this, MASYAP has developed interventions aimed at mitigating the impact of the disease, by addressing the socio-economic as well as the health needs of these women through HIV testing and Counselling (HTC), home based care, nutrition services and economic empowerment interventions.

MASYAP wishes to actively and collectively join the effort to slow the spread of HIV and AIDS by improving knowledge, attitude and practice around sexual behaviour and assist target groups in understanding how to best look after themselves if they are/do become HIV+.

One of our distinguishing features is that we operate on very low cost model, benefiting from pro-bono professional advice and an intern from Oxford University. We deliver our interventions in the heart of the community thereby minimising transport and facility costs.

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