World Appeal has donated a further £4,000 to MASYAP, £2,000 of which was donated by Challney Girls School in Luton. Thanks so much!

World Appeal logo 2Half of this will go towards expanding MASYAP’s recently created youth microfinance scheme (read more here), allowing us to put over 50 more girls on the scheme, and half will go towards MASYAP’s new school fees programme.

Our school fees programme will pay for the education of vulnerable girls, who would not otherwise be able to afford to attend school. This will not only improve the lives of the girls themselves, but also their family and communities. There is great value to educating girls; according to UNICEF each additional year of secondary schooling increases a girl’s earning potential by 15%, and there are much lower maternal and infant mortality rates amongst educated women. This donation will allow us to keep over 50 girls in school for a year.

Thank you!