MASYAP conducts research alongside all of its other programmes to help assess what programmes are necessary, and how they can be changed an improved, as well as to help similar organisations to achieve results.

Monitoring and evaluation and building a knowledge base is a core Microfinancevalue of MASYAP. Many parts of the Muslim community remain relatively inaccessible to other organisations. MASYAP is continuously generating formative research to inform our programmes and share with other organisations working in HIV/AIDS.

MASYAP research has been presented at various international conferences:

AIDS Impact conference 2015, Amsterdam

MASYAP was asked to present research entitled ‘Transactional Sex: Poverty, early sexual debut, HIV/AIDS knowledge and associated risk behaviour of young Muslim females in Blantyre, Malawi’

20th International AIDS conference 2014, Australia

MASYAP presented research relating to our microfinance programme entitled ‘Addressing risk factors and alleviating the psycho-social and economic impact of HIV through an integrative and Islamically acceptable micro-finance programme for women in Malawi’ and on religious leaders and HIV/AIDS entitled ‘HIV/AIDS and Islam in Malawi: How do religious leaders negotiate key HIV prevention and treatment messages within their communities?’