Flood relief

Following the devastating January 2015 floods, MASYAP sourced and donated money from private individual donors to families in need, to help with the rebuilding of their homes and lives. See stories for examples of how the money was used.

Learning how to install flappers


‘Flappers’ are a plastic toilet which can be installed above long drops. They help to reduce smell, and keep the toilets more hygienic. In collaboration with NGO Water for People, MASYAP purchased flappers, and provided training for 9 women in how to market and install them. The women were then able to sell and put in the flappers, with some choosing to reinvest and purchase more once they had sold the initial batch. This helped to increase the women’s income as well as provide them with a potential new business idea.

Training for Sheiks, Imams and Muslim leaders

These workshops are held to sensitize Muslim leaders, who act as gateways of knowledge in their communities, on the dangers of HIV/ AIDS so they can impart accurate and useful information on the subject. Religious leaders can unite people against stigma and discrimination. We aim to educate and inform religious leaders of key HIV facts and encourage a more compassionate and counseling type role in their interaction with HIV+ community members.