Women’s support groups

MASYAP’s 28 women’s support groups meet regularly and are made of both HIV positive and HIV negative women. Frequent workshops are run for the women in these groups relating to issues surrounding HIV/AIDS.

Youth groups

There are 23 MASYAP youth groups who meet two-four times a month. They are made up of both HIV positive and HIV negative girls aged 12-24. Workshops to help increase understanding of HIV/AIDS are run, as well as organised sports trainings in both netball and cricket.


The microfinance project, which began in 2012, provides its 147 participants with loans to help them start their own businesses, and increase their economic independence.

HTC (HIV Testing and Counselling)

HIV testing is run by a certified HTC counsellor both in the office and in local communities.


MASYAP engages in many other activities and one-off projects including nutritional support for HIV+ vulnerable women and school fee payment for orphans deemed highly vulnerable by their communities.